Why Landscapes should feature in your collection

Explore Hancock Galleries’ top four landscape artists that create works transcending expectations of what landscape art can be, as well as how this genre of art can fit into your collection.

Let’s be honest, this past year we have all wanted to be somewhere else rather than where we were. For those moments missed, whether they be of clarity, beauty, nostalgia, fun or another feeling gained from encountering different landscapes. Here we have Hancock Galleries’ top four landscape artists that create works transcending expectations of what landscape art can be as well as how this genre of art can fit into your collection.

Elizabeth Power is a British artist who creates landscapes that are a fusion of both fauvist and impressionist style. The colourful pieces created by Power are from landscapes she experiences within her day to day. Transforming the moody landscapes of Southern England into bright and picturesque holiday destinations we have been wishing we were at this past year.

Jesse Dayne is an Australian artist who is motivated by making visible what he feels. Whether that comes in the form of flowers, indoor landscapes, or domesticated outdoor gatherings. The emotions within Dayne’s paintings brings together an aesthetic that is raw with an element of surprise to even the artist himself! Dayne’s process of improvising and following possibilities begins with drawing. Allowing the transcendence of perspectival logic and giving freedom to creative possibilities of the internal to be seen. Dayne also has a keen interest in the narrative functioning of images with the co-existence of presence and absence.

Kerr Ashmore is a British landscape and abstract artist creating reflections of nature, memory, and emotion. Ashmore spent her childhood in North Yorkshire, close to both the moors and the North Sea, engulfed by natural beauty and inspiration. These ever-changing environments with dramatic movement of both light and dark inspired Ashmore’s paintings and the emotive attachment to memories and places that are created in these environments.

Noelle Phares is an American artist with a background in local environmental science. After becoming tired of office life drawing and painting became more than a hobby at the weekends. It became her driving force. Phares creates abstract paintings to explore our impact on the natural world. The landscapes created by Phares can be inspired by places visited, places seen in two dimensional and others that are made up entirely, that are layered with line patterns, tiny human figures, and architectural structures. Phares’ background working in an agri-tech company changed her perspective on landscape with understanding that landscapes around us are a result of what has happened in the past and what is also happening in the present. The multi layered imagery Phares creates in her pieces reflects her previous job focussing on breaking down landscapes up into these different stacked data layers, especially those that are more geometric.

Landscape art can be about a specific place, a collection of places or completely made up. Whether you enjoy Landscape art for the emotion, colour, style or texture the Hancock Gallery has something for you.

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