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About the work

During the war, the road to Zenica was an escape route for Bosnian Muslims. The city of Zenica housed refugee camps and hosted international aid organizations. This road to hope is pictured in Road to Zenica. The faces in Road to Zenica are etched with stress and pain. In the light of dawn, under street lamps that are turned off, men, women, and children walk along the road to the large industrial safe haven of Zenica. Though the people are weary, they trudge in forward motion. They wear haunting expressions. Several children extend their palms in greeting or protest. The colours in the painting are muted, and the people’s faces and bodies are exaggerated, almost caricatured—in Howson’s “muscular” style, to highlight their suffering as well as strength. Despite the ravages of war, we can perceive a tint of hope in the lightening sky and the people’s progress down the road.

Medium: Colour Lithograph


Artwork enquiry

Road to Zenica

Peter Howson

Road to Zenica

80 x 116cm

Lithograph Artists Proof