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About the work

"I visited Alaska in July of 2021. As a lover of raw landscape, I was eager to experience the “last great frontier” for myself after years of exploring it only through pictures and stories. It did not disappoint; the vastness of landscape in this part of the world shakes you to your core. The subjects of “Keepers of the Fjords”, the spinal rocky features that poke abrubptly out of the ocean in the Kenai Fjord region, were especially captivating as they reminded me of the stalagmite-like limestone formations in Vietnam’s Ha Long Bay. Seated at the mouth of some of the fjord inlets, they are all that remain of the land that used to stand there, glaciers carving out the area around them, replacing that space with water. They seem to stand guard at these fjordal mouths, protecting the calmer waters behind them and also telling the story of the precious glaciers that recede more each year." - Noelle Phares

Medium: Oil and acrylic on panel


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Keepers of the Fjords

Noelle Phares

Keepers of the Fjords