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About the work

"Study for Yellow Fields" captures a solitary figure, a woman, in a moment of introspection and stillness. The composition is dominated by dark, shadowy tones that create a somber and mysterious atmosphere, contrasting sharply with the bright, vibrant yellow of the woman's dress. The woman's figure is positioned slightly off-centre, her body facing forward but her head turned downward, suggesting a state of contemplation or melancholy. Her long, dark hair cascades over her shoulders, blending into the shadowy background, further enhancing the mood of the piece. The light source appears to come from an upper right angle, softly illuminating her face and the upper part of her body, while the rest of her form gradually fades into the dark surroundings. The most striking element of the painting is the yellow dress, rendered with bold, textured brushstrokes that create a sense of movement and energy. The yellow hue stands out vividly against the predominantly dark palette, drawing the viewer's eye and symbolising perhaps a glimmer of hope or emotion amidst the surrounding darkness. The texture of the dress is rich and varied, adding depth and interest to the piece. The background is a blend of deep blacks and greens, with hints of yellow subtly incorporated, echoing the colour of the dress and creating a cohesive visual harmony. The textured surface of the background, with its rough and uneven brushstrokes, adds a tactile quality to the painting, enhancing its emotional impact. Overall, "Study for Yellow Fields" is a powerful exploration of contrast and emotion, using light, colour, and texture to convey a complex inner world. The interplay between the bright yellow dress and the dark, shadowy background creates a poignant and thought-provoking visual narrative that invites viewers to delve into the emotional depths of the subject.

Medium: Oil on Board


Artwork enquiry

Study for Yellow Fields

Mark Demsteader

Study for Yellow Fields