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About the work

Mark Spain, a contemporary artist hailing from the UK and currently based in Kent, embarked on his artistic journey by delving into etchings and calligraphy. However, around the year 2000, he expanded his horizons and ventured into the realm of oil painting. Mark has garnered acclaim for his distinctive figurative oil paintings, with a particular focus on portraying the female form, often adorned in elegant, flowing attire. His depictions frequently depict women engaged in dance or entranced within their own inner world. Mark is an artist who thrives on experimentation and willingly embraces artistic risks, evident in his dynamic painting style. He skillfully manipulates texture and color, seamlessly transitioning between vibrant, sun-soaked scenes and fading, dusky imagery with effortless finesse. His artworks possess an unmistakable signature, merging timeless aesthetics with a contemporary flair. Spain's figurative creations have graced prestigious venues such as Harrods in London and Artexpo in New York, testifying to the global recognition of his talent. His artwork adorns gallery walls from London to Japan, New Zealand, and Canada. Here at The Rose Gallery, we are delighted to present Mark's latest collection of limited edition prints, each of which is produced in extremely limited quantities.

Medium: Giclee print


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Chaise D'or

Mark Spain

Chaise D'or