"Most people are happy to think 'this is the way it is'. But it really isn't. Who knows the truth of anything?"

The Connor Brothers are fictional characters Franklyn and Brendan Connor, whose work blurs the line between fiction and reality. Through humour and dark pathos, they make us question how we experience things and how we construct our own sense of reality, by giving us a glimpse of the infinite possibilities surrounding us.

Their acclaimed four year long 'Pulp Fiction' series was an incredibly rich body of work which recontextualised the artworks of 1950's dime novels, reworked to give new and unsettling meanings. Hollywood heroes and vintage pin ups are paired with wry, witty and sometimes dark captions, echoing contemporary sentiment through these romantic nostalgic subjects.

The Pulp Fiction series has served as a vehicle for the Brothers to explore contemporary society's obsession with fake news and a post truth reality, questioning what we mean when we say that something is 'true'.