Virtual Reality: The Best of Culture to Explore in Lockdown

In these unsure times, it’s interesting to think of the accessibility we have through our own virtual reality - the internet.

Whilst knowing that it can never overtake the physical experience of culture, it can itch our cultural scratches, all from the safety of our homes.

Check out our top five below!

Hancock Gallery 

We will be creating tours each week for our new show Between Distance and Desire. Showcasing the work of five international artists who employ ideas and motifs found in aspects of the Renaissance. The poetic and profound depiction of women in the Pre-Raphaelite movement as well as the examination of form and structure by colourists such as Matisse and Hockney. The virtual tours will have individual artist focus and you can check them out on our Instagram stories, @hnck_gallery

The Shows Must Go On

April 2nd saw Andrew Lloyd Webber announce, The Shows Must Go On. A series on YouTube that takes theatre from stage to screen. Every Friday a Webber musical will stream from 7pm, advert free for you to sing along to (sorry neighbours) for 48 hours. After each show finishes its allotted time, the channel then releases extra footage of the origin of each show and some backstage footage. 

National History Museum 

The National History Museum, London has been well ahead of the game when it comes to virtual reality. Starting in 2016,  their tours and experiences are ever more prevalent right now. You can take a deep dive learning about the life of blue whales or examine a 3D model of a Diplodocus skull, see what it’s like to go on a dino dig or explore a 360 panorama of Antarctica, the choices are endless!

Streaming Sites

Now, we all have an “old and faithful” when it comes to how we like to watch our favourite content. Whether it’s Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+ or any other (there are a few). Whether you log in for good old nostalgia, your favourite documentary or TV show, it doesn’t matter. Streaming services are there to let you escape your anxieties and wander into new worlds. 

We also have the choice to rent films which would be currently at the cinema. For a ticket price you can have that film available for 48 hours. You can do this on Apple TV and Amazon Prime.

Museum of Modern Art

The director of MOMA, Glen Lowry has announced that from April 9th they will be bringing “Virtual Views” to the public every weekend! Taking you to see an exclusive look into their collections and favourite artworks through video stories and curator Q&As as well as audio playlists and feature articles through their website each week.


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