Relax with Auric Fields: Retrospective

Last week, we were delighted to host an immersive event in honour of our new collection of works from Lauren Baker, enabling our guests to experience artwork in a new and exciting way. 

Lauren Baker, a world renowned multidisciplinary artist from Middlesbrough, is famed for her research and creative practice centred around vibrations, frequencies and portraying the unseen. By extension, some of Lauren’s works also focus on the marriage between science and experience, collaborating with teams such as the Hubble Telescope scientists to incorporate scientifically approved aspects into her work. Interestingly Lauren’s Galaxy Explosion series, some prints of which are available in the gallery, explore the vastness and ever-expanding nature of the universe and represent the artist’s imagination of the furthest reach of our cosmos. However, in recent discovery, the James Webb telescope was able to capture images at the farthest distance from Earth to date, and eerily resemble the artworks Lauren created some years beforehand. 

Most pieces currently housed in the gallery are focused around Lauren’s own envisionment of the seven chakras, and the auras surrounding them. Inspired by the beautiful works on display, and our interest in the holistic methods the artist incorporates into her everyday life, we approached Ocean Zen, a local non-profit organisation specialising in all things holistic, for their expertise. 

Together we created a gallery event like no other, offering a variety of holistic workshops inspired by the work exhibited as well as some of the meditation methods Lauren observes to find a state of true peace before creating her masterpieces. The team from Ocean Zen visited Hancock Gallery periodically as we planned our event, assessing the space and its energies regularly and allowing this to influence the curation of their workshops. Based on the dazzling pieces surrounding our guests, Ocean Zen were able to direct visualisation of chakras and energies explored during the workshops, accessing a deeper level of understanding of the work.

‘The Kissing of the Moon and Sun’, for example, connotes elements of ‘Svadhisthana’, the Sacral Chakra. The deep orange colours radiating outward into its calm, clear blue environment are reflective of the colours associated with this chakra in practice. During one workshop, Ocean Zen helped the women envision their Sacral Chakra and utilised crystal healing and affirmations to confront any fears that could cause blockage of this particular area. More of Lauren’s work inspired other workshops focusing on relaxation, healing and self care.

“I feel so clear after the workshop. I wouldn’t really say I was stressed before but now I feel so at ease and relaxed!” - Anonymous Attendee. 

We are so proud to have hosted this event, and been a part of such a fantastically unconventional way to appreciate artwork and to honour an artist’s life and work in such a way. Of course, at Hancock Gallery we understand the importance of supporting small businesses, so the fact we were able to support a non-profit organisation that work with our local community daily makes this event all the more special. 

“We had such a fantastic time creating and delivering these sessions at the gallery. It’s such an interesting new way to bring peace to people, and to have this beautiful art around us is really creatively inspiring. We look forward to visiting again very soon!” - Ocean Zen.

Lauren Baker's latest collection 'Auric Fields' is still available to view at the gallery. We're open Tuesday - Saturday, 10am - 5pm, pop in for a visit. 

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