Relax with Auric Fields

“Lauren Baker engages people in a unique and atmospheric way. She’s an artist we’ll definitely be watching out for.” 

- The Tate (Carey Robinson, Curator)

“Lauren Baker engages people in a unique and atmospheric way. She’s an artist we’ll definitely be watching out for.”
- The Tate (Carey Robinson, Curator)

In celebration of our new collection of Limited Edition prints from Lauren Baker, we’re thrilled to host a fabulous wellness event inspired by Lauren’s work and her gentle way of life. Lauren Baker is a Middlesbrough-born multidisciplinary artist. Now based in London, Baker has gained global recognition for mesmerising work and immersive installations, as well as her tireless work with a variety of charities and causes. 

In an incredible tale of her call to become an artist, Lauren impulsively quit her job after reading Eckhart Tolle’s ‘The Power of Now’ and ventured to the Peruvian rainforest where she experienced an epiphany that she was an artist. From here, meditation has informed much of Lauren’s work and practice. Often finding her inspiration in the visions and feelings she experiences during mindful practices, Lauren’s most recent work seeks to represent the artist’s interpretation of the seven chakras in a visual form. 

Baker’s work is particularly intimate, effectively allowing her audience to look into the innermost feelings she experiences during meditation. Opening herself in such an honest and unapologetic representation, Baker’s work becomes a powerful and immersive reflection of her own enchanting aura that draws the audience in. Lauren’s prints are hand embellished with ‘Diamond Dust’ and hand signed by the artist.

“Everything is energy, everything has vibrations. This is just my way of showing people my experiences.” 

- Lauren Baker.

In homage to this incredible new collection, we are working in collaboration with Ocean Zen Community Interest Company, a local non-profit organisation specialising in holistic healing and wellness. On Saturday 23rd July, we will be hosting a fantastic range of holistic therapies, including meditation, crystal workshops, chakra healing and sound healing. There will be a refreshing selection of herbal teas to taste in accompaniment with the relaxation sessions to amplify the rejuvenating experience. 

We are also delighted to include exclusive private viewings of Lauren’s work with one of our specialist art consultants. Here at Hancock Gallery we strongly believe in local businesses supporting each other, which is why we’re so excited to work with Ocean Zen (CIC). 

To ensure our sessions accommodate the tranquillity required to reap the full benefits of meditation, places are incredibly limited, so we recommend reserving your tickets as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

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