Get To Know Lauren Baker

Meet Lauren Baker, the Middlesborough born multidisciplinary artist now working in London, and learn exactly how her lifestyle and inspirations drive her creative process.

We've been getting to know Lauren Baker and learn exactly how her lifestyle and inspirations drive her creative process. 

Introducing Lauren Baker 

Lauren Baker is a Middlesborough born multidisciplinary artist, now based in London. Her work explores the human connection, metaphysics and the expansiveness of the universe. Lauren’s signature neon lights portray the power of energy through poetic typography and celestial chakra artworks. 

Lauren didn’t start her artistic career until 2012. She claims the book ‘The Power of Now’ by Eckhart Tolle changed her life. After reading this book, Lauren was inspired to quit her job and travelled to Brazil to join a mosaic street-art project. She took part in ceremonies with shamans in the Peruvian Amazon jungle surrounded by dense vegetation and wildlife and recalls during this time she had an epiphany that she was an artist. 

From there, Lauren has worked tirelessly for her love of art, energies and meaningful causes, and is consistently developing her artwork throughout her career. Experimenting with different materials, textures, forms and colours, Lauren has become well known for her fearless investigations into the unseen, often allowing her work to be driven by her intense experiences while meditating and engaging in other holistic practices.


Lauren’s constant involvement in multiple philanthropic ventures is truly something to aspire towards. Using her art and platform to raise awareness and funds for various causes, Lauren is able to utilise her art to become the voice needed for each cause, be it loud, urgent, calm or energised. Passionate about environmental issues and sustainability, Lauren uses light to express the ‘secrets of the universe’ and aims to raise the vibration of love and connection within the world. 

Baker most recently created the 3.3 metre public light art installation ‘Luna Woman power Totem’ which was commissioned by Enfield Winter Lights and curated by Artist Hive Studios, created in celebration of the suffragette movement 1914. 

Lauren Baker - Public Installation

An ambassador for One Planted Tree, Lauren’s tireless work to save the environment can not go ignored. Her current mission to plant 8888 trees in the Amazon is well underway as she spearheads fundraising to realise her goal. In 2019 the artist focused on environmental art activism installations ‘Letter to Mother Earth’ at Tate Exchange and ‘An Open Dialogue With Nature’ at Saatchi Art’s Other Art Fair.

In 2021 Baker launched ‘Light Messages for the Soul’ at Inside Out Festival in Westminster in a move to raise awareness on climate change and urge the government to take positive action ahead of the COP26 conference. 

Not only focused on climate change, Lauren is also a trailblazer in animal rights activism and fundraising for the protection of endangered species. In 2014 Baker’s ‘The Crystal Tigress’ toured Asia and was endorsed by Jimmy Choo and Jaime Winstone. The piece fetched £30,000 at the tiger conservation charity auction for Save Wild Tigers. The artist also spoke to an audience of 650 people, including the Sultan of Malaysia at a Save Wild Tigers fundraiser. 



Evident in her mesmerising work, Lauren Baker lives with an open mind and is well practised in holistic practices. In 2019 she became a certified ‘Creativity Coach’ with Mindful Talent and often gives lectures on ‘Blue sky thinking’ and ‘creativity triggers’ at The Institute of Art & Ideas. 

Every morning the artist practices what she refers to as her ‘Morning Rituals’. She focuses on ‘Superhuman Conditioning’ and endeavours to keep her eyes closed as she wakes in the morning to help her to remember her dreams, a practice she picked up in Guatemala during lucid dreaming pratices. She begins her morning with a cleansing mixture of apple cider vinegar, ginger and lemon before a mellow cup of Earl Grey. 

Baker practices Kundalini Yoga every morning, which consists of a lot of breathing exercises and is a ‘super-high’ energy practice, before completing her ritual with meditation and journaling for mindfulness. 

Diet is a key part of the artist’s lifestyle. Lauren ensures to consume the right kinds of foods to provide maximal balance and energy in order to keep her creative performance successful and productive. She says, “Honestly, I hate cooking, I’m terrible at it. I eat out quite a lot but always vegetarian and healthy. I focus more on eating avocado, gluen-free pasta, kimchi, that kind of thing. I make these killer smoothies with, like, 20 different ingredients: fruit, powders, nuts, all of that. Maximum energy and super tasty.” Like most of us, Baker is incredibly fond of her caffeine, “If I’m doing a creating day, I swap out my Earl Grey for a Bulletproof coffee. It’s like this high grade coffee with grass-fed butter and I add collagen, cacao and cinnamon, and a htc high grade coconut oil. It’s just this perfect concoction that gives you this massive energy that lasts the whole day, I get super charged.”

 Lauren Baker studio London

Other Inspirations

Lauren Baker researches for her work in multiple ways. Being that she focuses on vibrations and energies, the artist has the luxury of being able to seek inspiration an all things.

“Everything is energy, everything has vibrations, my work is just my way of showing people my experiences.”

Not only well practised in meditation, or well travelled, Baker is also incredibly well read and finds that reading books mainly about outlooks on life to be the most inspiring if not for a particular piece of work, then for herself to consider how to further develop her practice. We’ve compiled a list of Lauren Baker’s Top 5 Must Reads for you.

The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron 

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

The Five Second Rule by Mel Robbins

The 10X Rule by Grant Cardone

Baker also finds inspiration in other people, conversations and outlooks on life. She speaks fondly of Adam Robinson saying, “This incredible, wise, magical wizard of a man, Adam Robinson. He’s a friend of mine, an art collector and he has some really cool podcasts with Tim Ferris and other people. I’m just glued to anything he does to be honest.” The artist also attributes the Be Electric podcast by Jody Shield as a huge inspiration to her motivation and work. During the Covid pandemic, Baker incorporated Wim Hof’s breathing exercises into her routine to keep calm in an uneasy time, and found her ‘true joy’ for Sheilds’ podcast when Hof featured as a guest.

Lauren’s Limited Edition Prints

We are proud to currently house some of Lauren’s stunning limited editions at Hancock Gallery. Each of the prints have been hand embellished with ‘Diamond Dust’ by the artist, making them all unique in their own way. Discover the full collection

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