Kristina Chan: Landscape Artist of the Year Finalist

Finalist of Landscape Artist of the Year 2024 Kristina Chan has shared her pieces from the show and are now available for purchase exclusively at Hancock Gallery.

At Hancock Gallery, we are thrilled to showcase the captivating works of Kristina Chan, an exceptionally talented artist known for her multimedia approach to art, using printmaking, painting and drawing. Kristina recently gained recognition as a finalist in Series 9 of Landscape Artist of the Year, which aired on Sky Arts. Her mesmerising pieces from the show are now available for art enthusiasts to own, and we extend a warm invitation to all who wish to explore her remarkable creations further.

Covent Garden by Kristina Chan - Rooftop scene with a dramatic grey stormy sky


In the intense competition of Landscape Artist of the Year, Kristina stood out by winning the first heat. Reflecting on her experience, she shared, "Winning Heat 1 of Sky Arts LAOTY was a surreal experience. Dunnottar Castle was a stunning location for the challenge. As a printmaker, bringing my practice out of the studio and into the pods was another big consideration. I loved watching the weather change, reacting and adapting to all these conditions in situ. I’ve never done anything like it before and found it really inspiring."

Kristina Chan's Dunnottar Castle Artwork

Kristina's submission piece for the show, an atmospheric image of the Australian bush, speaks volumes about her ability to capture the essence of landscapes. The judges appreciated the ethereal quality present in her artwork, a characteristic that seems to present in all her creations. When asked about this ethereal quality, Kristina remarked, "'Strangeness' was the word of the Heat. Landscape for me, holds this incredible ability to have the past and present collide in the same space. If we look close enough, we can see how history has carved its way through the soil, water has split rock or affected elevation. How we translate this as artists is half the fun. For Dunnottar Castle, I was hit with an immediate sense of history and stillness. We spend so much time moving and scrolling, this stillness becomes ‘strange’ or otherworldly."

Submission Piece

Her process is as intriguing as her finished pieces. Kristina employs a multi-disciplinary approach, incorporating various media to bring her visions to life. She meticulously maps out compositions using coloured pencils, presses ink over the drawings, and works back into the pieces with paint and markers. Describing her process, Kristina explains, "My process has always been very multi-disciplinary. I began by sketching out the scene. Usually, I’d then take the work over to the printing press and mono print different layers of background colours into the work. The wind on the day made this really difficult. I had to adapt and began to paint instead. I painted in thin washes of oil paint before drawing back into the work with coloured pencil, solvent pens, and oil pastel."

Foxes On The Roof by Kristina Chan featuring a roof top woodland background with three foxes in the foreground

At Hancock Gallery, we are proud to present Kristina Chan's artworks inspired by her experiences on Landscape Artist of the Year. Each piece invites viewers to embark on a journey through ethereal landscapes, capturing moments of history and stillness with every brushstroke. We encourage you to get in touch to learn more about Kristina's collection and to view her amazing artworks as a cohesive and captivating ensemble. 

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