Introducing: Olga Krimon

We are delighted to announce the brand new collection, 'Weightless', by Olga Krimon. Our mailing list subscribers are set to enjoy an early preview on 8th November, where they will have the opportunity to reserve their favourite pieces ahead of the official release on 9th November. Join our mailing list now to receive your early access.

Born in Odessa, Ukraine, Olga Krimon began her pursuit of her creative career studying in Kazan, Russia. It was here that the artist became increasingly influenced by the likes of Repin, Brullov, Levitan and other Russian titans. Krimon’s robust artistic education includes her BA in Art History, to which she accredits her rich visual vocabulary and notes it as ‘instrumental for defining her path as an artist.’

In fact, Krimon later went on to receive her MBA, grounding her well into the business side of creating artwork. Were her impressive academic accomplishments not enough, Krimon is incredibly well exhibited having featured work in over 100 shows worldwide, both solo and collaborative, and her still life and figurative works are recognised by the Portrait Society of America (PSoA).

Eventually moving to the United States, where she currently resides, Krimon studied further under Glen Obrik and Jeremy Lipking in a continuous development of her artistic practice. Olga’s work has been well reviewed by notable organisations since 2005, and the artist has become somewhat used to immense success with awards from PSoA, ARC and more.

Krimon’s portfolio boasts influential and encapsulating pieces that have caught the attention of a range of art lovers, with loyal collectors around the globe. Krimon references reality in her work, however rather than explicitly representing her inspiration, the artist allows her mind to alter the image before presenting it to her audience. 

“I take reality, I absorb it through my experiences and schooling, I then produce a new carefully designed reality that evokes feelings and memories.” 

The marriage between reality and the utopia Krimon imagines results in rich pieces that draw in the viewer through abstracted, bold brush strokes and intricately designed colour relationships. Her examination of movement and the value arrangements in her pieces are driven by artists she later drew inspiration from; Sargent, Zorn and Cecilia Beaux whose work she discovered during her studies in the United States. 

Olga’s technique of bold, loose brush strokes and mark making finds the sticking place between exploring movement, and taking a snapshot of a single moment. The vague familiarity her work offers draws upon emotion and memory that words scarcely explain. This bewildering concoction of familial imagery and distance through abstraction evokes memories within the viewer that may not have ever been experienced first hand. 

Krimon’s work offers incredible insight into emotion, the unknown and utopian realities experienced in brief moments of life. Hancock Gallery is delighted to exhibit Krimon’s work in the final months of 2022. Join us from October to experience these incredible portraits first hand. 

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