How To Start An Art Collection

We collect, we collect without even noticing that we're collecting.

We collect, we collect without even noticing that we're collecting.

We collect shoes, books, photos, expensive things and inexpensive things alike.

But you don’t need millions in the bank to start an art collection. In fact, nearly all collectors begin by buying artworks for under £1,000.

Whether this is your first piece of art, or you're simply looking to take your collection to the next level, the art market can be overwhelming.

Here are 3 tips from Hancock Gallery on starting an art collection.. on any budget:

Ask an expert.

Your time is valuable and with an entire art world to choose from, how will you make sure you see what's relevant to you, your tastes and your budget? Using a dedicated art consultant will help you make an educated purchase, you'll be able to pinpoint that collection of artwork that you're truly interested in. What's more, it will make the whole process of developing your collection a really rewarding one.

Don't fear the payment plan.

Some of the largest collections on the planet have been built using payment plans. Rarely will the timing be perfect. But when you find that piece of art that you just can't walk away from... don't miss out. Take advantage of the staggered payments offered through organisations such as Own Art, it will allow you to buy really sought after pieces of art and help you make responsible purchases.

Buy for love.

Art is subjective and it says a lot about you. Just like those killer heels, the suit that makes you feel like James Bond, watch, earrings or your new phone, art is about personality, memories and emotion. Whether for your home or office, the piece of art you choose should say something about you. Remember.. this is just one piece in your wider collection.

To find out more about the benefits of buying art and how to get started, download our investment guide

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