Buying Art Online: Top Tips for Finding the Perfect Piece

Here are our top tips for buying art online and finding the perfect piece for the right price. 


Over the UK lockdown, we’ve had to adapt to new ways of living, working, and of course, shopping. Unsurprisingly, online shopping has seen a huge increase in popularity with 61% of Brits spending more time shopping over the internet.

The convenience and safety of online shopping make it easier to get everything you desire directly to your door - and this is no different for acquiring the perfect art piece.

Here are our top tips for buying art online and finding the perfect piece for the right price. 

Research, Research, Research

First and foremost, you need to do your research. Think about what kind of art piece you want and look around for the best places to find it. 

As well as scouring the internet for the right piece, be sure to talk to a specialist who can advise you on your purchase. At Hancock Gallery, our gallery manager and advisory team have over 12 years’ experience in guiding art lovers and investors in their search for the right pieces and are more than happy to answer questions on finding the right artworks.  

Most importantly - don’t rush into your decision. Take the time to browse and learn about your ideal piece before making the purchase. 

Consider your budget

Falling in love at first sight with a piece of artwork can make you throw all reason out the window, but remember your budget.

As you research online and ask for advice, make sure you keep your budget in mind. This is another reason to consult a specialist - they can advise you on pieces that fall within your set price and they know the market inside out.

Keep your space in mind

When buying art online, it’s hard to get an impression of the size and dimensions of a piece, let alone how it would look when hung in your space.

Keep this in mind when you look online. The last thing you want is a monster of a piece arriving that won’t fit through your door, never mind fit the wall! Measure these dimensions and think about how your piece will fit in with your interior design. 

If you’re unsure of how a piece will fit in with your space and need to see it before buying, get in touch with the gallery to see if you can arrange a try-before-you-buy fitting with your chosen piece.

Ensure authenticity

So you’ve done your research and found the perfect piece that fits your budget and your home, but don’t rush into buying just yet!

Before you make your purchase, ensure that the artwork comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. This is an official, signed document that ensures your artwork is legitimate, and it’s just as important as the artwork itself.

Whether you’re purchasing as an art lover or adding to your art investment portfolio, the authenticity certificate is an essential part of your purchase.  

Working on behalf of artists’ families and estates, our Signature collection draws together pieces from iconic 20th Century Masters to leading contemporary figures. 

Discover the collection to find your perfect investment piece. 

Additionally, we’ve put together a carefully curated and informative guide to help you navigate the world of art investment with confidence.

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