Get to know Dan Parry-Jones

“When I screenprint a photograph that I have taken onto a background of painted abstract shapes and marks the abstract suddenly makes sense"

His evolving abstract backdrops take shape through the intricate application of textured impasto techniques, utilising acrylics and oils. These foundations are enriched with the infusion of typography, collage elements, and the integration of silkscreen components.

Within the vibrant walls of Bristol's Jamaica Street Studios, situated at the heart of Stokes Croft, a cultural epicenter within the city, Dan Parry Jones creates his distinctive artworks. His expressive mixed-media creations beautifully reflect his immediate surroundings. Some of his pieces draw inspiration from the stunning landscapes along the South West coastline, while others hint at a grittier, more urban atmosphere.

His mixed-media artworks are a testament to his meticulous craftsmanship, intricately layering impasto palette knife backgrounds with hints of typography and collage, enhanced by carefully placed screen-printed details. In Dan's artistic exploration, he delves deep into the intriguing interplay between nature and the human-made, juxtaposing sweeping mountain vistas and swaying palm trees with serene pools, modernist architectural wonders, and vibrantly painted walls. This thematic contrast is vividly mirrored by the juxtaposition of flat, representational screen-printed elements against the textured painted surfaces.

In his sunshine-drenched semi-abstract landscapes, a harmonious dance unfolds between pastel and acid hues, conjuring a distinctive LA vibe. In contrast, other pieces transport viewers into midnight blue night skies, adorned with dashes of vibrant underpainting, akin to colorful stars set against the dark canvas.

Drawing inspiration from his own collection of photographs, Dan deftly integrates screen-printed elements such as figures, cars, architecture, and mountains into his works. When he captures an especially inspiring photograph, it often sparks a series of paintings, each infused with its distinct background, palette, and mood.

Dan's art has earned widespread recognition and enthusiastic acclaim at major art fairs and gallery exhibitions spanning across Europe, Asia, and the USA. He has proudly showcased his talent through solo exhibitions, notably at Adam Gallery in Bath in 2017 and 2021, while also contributing to group exhibitions at esteemed venues such as Josie Eastwood Fine Art (where he has participated in annual summer and winter group shows since 2012) and Will's Art Warehouse in London. In 2019, the Royal West of England Academy recognized his artistry by selecting one of Dan's paintings for their prestigious Annual Open Exhibition.

Additionally, Dan's artistry has graced Gala Fine Art's group exhibitions, including notable shows like "Escape into Colour" in London in 2021 and "Near and Far" in Aldeburgh in 2022. For over a decade, he has been a fixture at the Battersea Affordable Art Fair, initially collaborating with Gala Fine Art since 2017. Most recently, he displayed his captivating works in March 2023. Furthermore, he consistently presents his art with Gala Fine Art at the London Art Fair held at the Business Design Centre in Islington every January. As we look forward, November 2023 promises to be an exciting chapter as Gala Fine Art is poised to unveil new works by Dan at the Affordable Art Fair in Amsterdam.

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