Abstract Artists We're Watching in 2022

With the arrival of a fantastic new collection from Andrew Hood, and our eager anticipation for upcoming arrival of two new abstract artists to be revealed soon, we've been keeping a close eye on some abstract artists currently making waves in the art world. Here's a look at our favourites. 

Sam Wilde

Sam Wilde's practice falls between visual art and surface design and is best known for storytelling, where he approaches his work at a 'world building' angle considering shape and form.

Between Land & Sea, Sam Wilde 2018

Founder of the luxury British interiors, fashion and homeware brand Vespertine, Sam aspires to not only to enrich our bodies, homes and spaces with worlds depicting unabashed warmth, but to empower the viewer with intricate conceptual messages within each pattern, evoking a sense of childhood wonderment.

Sam considers the surfaces he creates as their own visually escapist worlds. Each and every element within these worlds are created with care and consideration to form a logically cohesive scene, filled with nuanced symbolism and immersive detail.

Sofia Chitikov

Sofia Chitikov is a Russian-American contemporary artist. Born in 1978 in Tambov, Russia, Chitikov immigrated to the United States in 1992. She spent 15 years in product development following her completion of a BS degree from University of Florida, and an MBA from Northwestern University in 2012. Embarking on her professional career as an artist from 2017, Chitikov now works from her studio in Mana Contemporary, currently residing in Chicago.

Sunday 9am, Sofia Chitikov

"The style of my work reflects my love for the unexpected. It drives me to push the limits of what can be done with traditional materials and techniques and how they can be integrated in non-traditional ways."

Participating in multiple group shows, solo exhibitions and regularly attending art fairs, Chitikov's work can be found in private collections in New York City, Washington DC, Miami and London.

Andrew Hood

Andrew Hood was born in 1964 and brought up in Edinburgh until his family settled in Cheshire. Initially he worked as a graphic designer until he returned to college to study for a degree in illustration at John Moore's University.

Winning the Gorstella Award for fine art as a student and the Liverpool life painting open, Hood was asked to participate in a group show at the Gorstella Gallery, Chester following his graduation. Andrew makes several trips abroad each year to gather reference for his painting. Recent journeys have taken him to Tuscany, the South of France, Morocco and Croatia. Whilst he enjoys working abroad he often looks for beauty within our own diverse and engaging landscape from the Scottish Highlands to the rugged Cornish coastline.

Andrew's work has regularly been accepted for the RWA Autumn Show and this year was selected to show in the RHA annual exhibition. The popularity and respect for Hood's work has earned him devoted collectors and clients worldwide, including BBC, The Art Group and Acrobat Design to name just a few.


​We're delighted to house a collection of Andrew Hood's latest work in the gallery, available to view and purchase now. Visit the gallery today, we are open 10-5pm, Tuesday - Saturday, or contact us to hear more about his wonderful works.

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