What we’re watching this Christmas…

Our team has put together some of our favourite things to binge watch this Christmas and still get your ‘Art Fix’...

That time between Christmas and New Year is one we all find strange year after year. Nobody knows what day it is, we're definitely onto our 3rd box of Quality street and still living off all the leftovers from Christmas dinner - but hey, we certainly aren’t complaining about this! 


It's a time to catch up with yourself, relax and put your feet up - and what is the best activity that goes hand in hand with this? Watching something brilliant on television!

But if you’re anything like us, it's always a struggle deciding on what to actually watch. Our team has put together some of our favourite things to binge watch this Christmas and still get your ‘Art Fix’...


Leonardo - 2021

Where to watch: Amazon

Staring Aidan Turner, Leonardo is a compelling look at one of the most restlessly brilliant men of all time, and gets inside the mind of the genius, showing the drama behind his art and exploring a tantalizing murder-mystery.

At Eternity's Gate - 2018

Where to watch: Amazon

This journey inside the world and mind of Vincent van Gogh (played by Willem Dafoe) explores his final years, as well as the controversial theory that his death was caused by mischief instead of suicide.

Frida -  2002 

Where to watch: Amazon

Nominated for six academy awards, including a nomination for Best Access for Salma Hayek for her portrayal of Kahlo, this film is a biography of artist Frida Kahlo, who channeled the pain of a crippling injury and her tempestuous marriage into her work. 



Made You Look: A True Story about Fake Art 2020

Where to watch: Netflix 

This American crime documentary about ‘The Scandal that rocked the world’ (New York Times Magazine), uncovers the truth about the largest art fraud in American history set in the super rich, super obsessed and super fast art world of New York.

Struggle: The Life and Lost Art of Szukalski 2018

Where to watch: Netflix 

Produced by Leonardo Dicaprio, this film follows Artists in LA as they discover the work of forgotten Polish sculptor Stanislav Szukalski, who is a mad genius with an astounding true story that unfolds chapter by chapter.

The Lost Leonardo - 2021

Where to watch: Amazon

This highly rated film tells the story behind the most expensive painting ever sold at $450 million, claimed to be a long-lost masterpiece by Leonardo da Vinci.

Black Art: In the Absence of Light 2021

Where to watch: Sky

Inspired by the late David Driskell’s landmark 1976 exhibition, “Two Centuries of Black American Art,” the documentary ‘Black Art: In the Absence of Light’ offers an illuminating introduction to the work of some of the foremost Black visual artists working today. 

Francis Bacon: A Brush with Violence 2017

Where to watch: Facebook 

The turbulent life and work of artist Francis Bacon, who was the loudest, rudest, drunkest, most sought-after British artist of the 20th century, as told by those closest to him.

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