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Tamara Davis directs a conclusive documentary playing homage to her friend Basquiat

Our Top Artist Films - For a Rainy Day

Jean-Michel Basquiat: The Radiant Child

In The Radiant ChildTamara Davis directs a conclusive documentary playing homage to her friend Basquiat and exploring the artist as a non-conformist. His heavy bebop inspired neo expressionist work explored art history, social politics and pop culture. Ajar to the conceptual heavy art world of the 70’s and 80’s. As a highly successful black artist, Basquiat fought racism and misconceptions throughout his career. Layers of who Basquiat was are revealed from the insider interviews conducted. From how he indicated narrative within his work to his multitasking process. Basquiat himself is able to compellingly convey his allure and mystique as an artist and character.

Mr Turner

This biographical film explores the last twenty-five years of the great, eccentric British painter J.M.W. Turner. Significantly affected by the death of his father, the artist travels and paints as a riotous member of the Royal Academy of Arts. Mr Turner doesn’t shy away from vulgarities of life, as we explore the personal and public relationships Turner invests in. From a housekeeper he exploits, all the way to the seaside landlady that he lived incognito with in his final years.

Have You Seen the Listers

This documentary film is a refreshingly candid take on exploring art world fame with a family. Motivations and priorities are discussed through an up to the minute snapshot of the life of ‘visual freedom fighter’ Anthony Lister. As the artist documents his family drama as a love letter to his family alongside his creative process. From early decisions to move to New York to “make it” all the way to tackling Australia’s conservative stance on street art. Have You Seen the Listers is the soap opera of art that you never knew you needed.

Exit Through the Gift Shop 

In Exit Through the Gift Shop, the infamous Banksy directs the self-entitled ‘world first street art disaster movie’. 

Coming into contact with Thierry Guetta, a Los Angeles based Frenchman who had captured many underground art escapades on tape, revealing his obsession with street art. And, later evolves into the art sensation nicknamed, “Mr Brainwash”. Rhys Ifans narrates an overlapping documentary where the line between what is real and what might be fake is blurred, as modern art and celebrity are put under the microscope.

Sky Ladder: The Art of Cai Guo-Qiang 

Sky Ladder: The Art of Cai Guo-Qiang is an emotive Netflix documentary tracing the rise of artist Cai Guo-Qiang from childhood in Mao's China to global art world superstar. His quest? To realise his lifelong obsession: Sky Ladder. A fantasy of pyrotechnic concept that uses double-stranded firework connective wire suspended from a hot air balloon at night, with horizontal wires linking like rungs: when the blue touch paper is lit, a fiery spirit ladder appears to ascend infinitely into the darkness. 20 years in the making and over 3 attempts will Cai Guo-Qiang create a successful Skyladder?

Mrs Lowry and Son

Mrs Lowry and Son follows the chronicles of L.S. Lowry's life, in Pendlebury, Greater Manchester and the artist's motivation for truth in capturing the industrial way of life. Finding beauty in everything, Lowry found safety in painting his surroundings. But, when criticism falls at his door by art experts as well as his mother Lowry is forced to find his voice, “I am a man who paints, nothing more, nothing less.” 


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